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Living up to the Ideal

It's typical in California at this time of the year to finally break the summer heat with a cold rain storm only to be hit by weeks of Santa Ana winds and high temperatures.  This year has been no different.  Since I am always on the hunt to find products to help with my rosacea, skin texture and loss of firmness and elasticity, at this time of year, it's complicated by the dry winds and the beginning of heater season.  I decided to give Estee Lauder's Idealist a try again after having such great results with the Cooling Eye Illuminator. 

Immediately after I applied it, my skin felt soft and smooth.  My makeup application felt smoother, and my skin stayed this way throughout the day.  I do have to say that I really didn't see a noticeable difference in pore size, but the texture was a huge win for me. 


Mad About Plaid

Sorry I couldn't resist.

I found this dress on Shopbop today and started putting together my outfit.  I love plaid on everything except for plaid shirts.  I just can't bring myself to do it.  But give me a plaid coat, scarf or dress, and I'm all over it.  With the cold, rainy weather in LA today (finally), this is what I wish I was wearing.  Either this or my robe while sitting in front of a fire and drinking coffee all day.



I'm preparing myself for the next year because it's going to be full of change.  A lot of this change will be out of my control, and that can be really scary.  Even though I won't have full control of those changes, I'm trying to remain calm and be hopeful about everything.  There's no use worrying about the things I can't control; I'll just have to learn to accept the changes and make the best of them.  I used to love change and find it really exciting.  Now that I'm a little older, I'm a little more risk adverse.  That also has to do with the fact that the last six months have been quite calmer than the last three years, and I've come to appreciate that calm.  Change is a time for great opportunity.  I need to just keep telling myself that.

Bloom Princess Lipstick



Earlier this summer, the hub and I tried to have dinner at POP in Pasadena without making a reservation.  Little did we know that you have to have a reservation to get a table because once people are in for the evening, they never seem to leave.  POP started life as a champagne and dessert bar, but over time, they've added a light dinner menu.  We decided to share three small plates, shrimp wrapped in prosciutto with garlic aioli which was amazing as you can tell by the almost empty plate before I remembered to take a picture.

Sliders three ways with plain fries.  I have to admit the concept of this was better than the execution, and they were overcooked.

Fries with truffle oil and Parmesan - delish!

And truffle macaroni and cheese with onion strings on top which was creamy and smooth, but the onion strings detracted.

If you're counting, that might seem like four plates, but the truffle fries came with the mac and cheese, so I'm only counting it once.  It's dinners like these that drove me to buying new workout wear today.



After the longest and one of the most stressful days of meetings ever, I told my husband that I needed a burger and a beer.  I changed out of the skirt and blazer I had worn to work, but left on the blouse and sweater I'd had on all day.  I threw on jeans and a different pair of shoes, and we were off to The Counter.


Which Way is Up?

The title of this post has nothing to do with what I'm wearing but everything to do with the type of day it was.

These pictures were snapped on my way out the door this morning to a 9-hour meeting that proved to live up to my expectations that it would sap my strength.

This outfit is so typical for me.  Lots of black and white with a spot of color either in the bag or shoes.  I love jet jewelry especially earrings.  The black stones project an entirely different light than the diamonds.



I forgot I had this pair of boots when I was bemoaning that I had to throw away my much worn pair last week.  At least I remembered them before I bought another pair.

Boots: Mia Andreana

I ended up liking this outfit that I wore to dinner on Saturday much more than I thought I would.  I was worried the maxi dress would be too shapeless and unflattering, but it was a comfortable light weight underneath the jacket which I needed because it is cooling off more in the evenings.  I actually feel more relaxed in this picture than I usually do when posing.  I'm always worried about being too tense and clenching my jaw.  I'm just so self-conscious.  Maybe with time I will relax more.  Maybe I should drink before I take pictures?  I don't know.


Orange Aide

We were out very early on Saturday morning taking pictures before it got too hot.  After we were done, I threw off the cashmere turtle-neck here, threw on some bright lipgloss and stopped for coffee at The Market on Holly.  They make a mighty fine cup of joe.  Check out N's new Coach bag.


Birds of a Feather

One of the greatest compliments I get is when people say to me, "You always do great things with your hair.  You wear it different almost every day."  I feel that I am not the most talented at doing my hair, but I'm really lucky to have a lot of really thick hair.  I'm always on the lookout for great hair accessories, but they can be hard to find.

I bought this headband at Anthropologie on a whim.

I just got my hair cut, and for the first week or so afterwards, I'm just getting used to where it falls around my face.  This seemed like a good time to pull on the headband to push the hair back from my face a little.

Paired with a cashmere turtle-neck, a pair of tweedy pants and some thick bangles, I'm ready for the season to change.


Family Dinner

A few years ago, I went wine tasting with some friends in Temecula.  We went to a winery that had absolutely the worst wine, but they redeemed themselves by having loaves of hot sourdough garlic bread with a wheel of brie baked into the center.

When the weather turned momentarily cooler last week, I thought I would try to replicate that bread.

I hollowed out the center of a loaf of bread.

Mixed up a huge amount of chopped garlic and a cube of softened butter.

Liberally spread the garlic butter on the bread.

Sprinkled it with grated Parmesan.

I only had a triangle of brie instead of a round, so I sliced it down to fit.

And baked until gooey.

The bread was so hearty, I paired it with a green salad and skewers of wasabi-marinated shrimp.


Yes, I'm 40

Being a fashion blogger at 40.  Where do I begin?

It's really not easy.

We repeatedly hear that we are the new 30.  And 30 is when you are entering your prime.  We have disposable income, and we are not afraid to use it.  But we just don't look like the 17 year-old models walking the catwalk, do we?  I mean me.  Maybe you do.

Again, it's just not easy.

It's LA fashion week, and I feel so not avant garde.  20 years ago, I was that model.  Now, I am not.  It does not help that people tell me I do not look my age.  I have had no plastic surgery.  I think about everything I put into my mouth, yet I am 20 pounds heavier than my comfort zone.  I am a size 8 when those around me are a size 4.  I have lines around my eyes and my mouth.  I am slowing morphing into chic yet aged, but I'm not ready yet.

Men my age are distinguished.  I'm just aging.

Am I happy with my life?  Unequivocally, yes.  Happier than I have been for years.  Is it different?  Yes.   Am I learning to accept this?  Not really.  So much of my life has been wrapped around my appearance.  I know it's my own perception and not that of others, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I aspire to the beauty in these faces and the joy of being comfortable with yourself.


Hair of the Pony

So I'm online looking for a hair accessory to wear to a formal work event on Oct. 29.  I have a few gripes with the whole thing.  First, it's on Oct. 29, and it has nothing like a Halloween element in sight.  Which I should appreciate because if it did, I would be complaining about the fact that I have to get a costume to wear around a bunch of people from the office.  Second, it does have a theme - Black and White.  Now, I live my life in black and white, so you would think that I would have been overjoyed when I saw the invite.  But noooooo.  I was viewing this as the opportunity to really step outside of my norm and wear something exciting.  I envisioned myself in a stunning red number.  Now, not so much. Are you getting the impression that I would have complained no matter what the theme was?  Yeah, probably.

In trying to get into the spirit of at least having something to dress up for, I decided to put something sparkly and lovely in my hair.  It's really hard to find tasteful hair accessories.  And in the middle of my hunt I found these at Bluefly.

Dolce & Gabbana green croc and pony hair heeled oxfords.  Total distraction.  I was searching with the word "hair," and this is what popped up.

Anyway, I did find this unique piece at Shopbop.

Belle Noel Egyptian Hair Chain

I think I would actually drape it across or under a low, loose bun.  Here come the holiday parties.  Are you prepared?


It's So Soft

I realized last week when it was actually cloudy and rainy and real maybe Fall is finally here weather that I do not own a grey coat.  I have some grey blazers, and I have some grey cardigans, but I don't have a grey coat.  I started looking and found none that really struck me.  Now as the weather has turned to middle-of-the-summer levels yet again, I found it.

I'm not a lover of Calvin Klein.  I don't know what it is or why, but I rarely find anything from this line that I want.  So imagine my surprise when I found this.

The shawl collar is the first thing that caught my eye.  I'm a sucker for a shawl collar.

Then I reached out to touch it, and I was gone.  It is the softest wool-blend ever.  I may be living in this every day if the weather will ever co-operate.