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I wish I was.  Pulling out my spring clothes has left me a little bloated.  Or at least how they fit now shows that I'm bloated.  This has reduced me to actually start exercising with the hub in addition to the changes I've made in my diet.  We are having a little bit of a competition in the household.  Others are cheating on their diets at will while I remain firmly committed.  If they beat me, I will have to resort to violence.  I'm also pledging to return to all black clothes in order to maximize the slimming effects.

 Dress: Nicole Miller; Blazer: Vintage; Booties: BCBG; Earrings, Bracelets & Ring: Unknown; Necklace: Joan Rivers; Headband: Goody



Okay, so there isn't any color here, but look at those feathers.  And that's the softest leather jacket.  So I more than make up for color with texture.  Not buying it?  Well beige was a color to me not so long ago believe it or not, so this would have been the apex of the rainbow to me.  At least I realize what I've done right?  That's the first step.  Today is Monday, so wander over to Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday to see a whole lot of people who do color much better than I do.

 Dress: H&M; Jacket: Luis Alvear; Bag: YSL; Shoes: Badgley Mischka; Earrings: Cookie Lee; Necklace: JewelMint; Ring: Vintage; Bracelete: Unknown; Eyeshadow: Chanel Lagons



Not really jewels but neon chains.  Had to do something to set off an all grey outfit and what better to do than spark it up with a bold, yellow necklace?  I love large link chains, so it's one of the easiest ways to fit color into my outfits.  I'm happy to see so many spring flowers out, but I'm struggling to think about fitting into spring clothes.  One easy thing to do for spring is to hide bling in your hair where it's least expected.   I have to keep finding ways to burn calories before I stop adding layers.  Wish me luck!

 Dress: H&M; Jacket: Gap; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Shoe Dazzle; Earrings & Bracelet: Unknown; Necklace: Forever21; Ring: Gifted; Sunglasses: D&G


Stitch Fix

I was so excited today to come home to my first box from Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is a new styling service which lets everyone have the luxury of having a personal stylist for a very affordable price.  For just $20 which is applied as credit if you make any purchases, you can receive a shipment containing five pieces which have picked especially for you taking into consideration your body type, your lifestyle, whether you would like them to send work or casual clothes or a mixture of both, your color and pattern preferences and any help you want in branching out in a new style direction like Boho Chic or Romantic. I was impressed at how thorough the questionnaire process is.  They really dig into what you like or dislike or where you need help with your current wardrobe.  You do have to be really honest about your current sizes and weight or else the pieces you receive won't fit.  Also, you have until the Monday following the receipt of the shipment to package what you don't want to keep back into the free shipping envelope and make sure it gets postmarked.  But free shipping both ways!  The think I absolutely loved and didn't expect when I opened the box was that each piece comes with a card attached showing the piece styled two different ways.  It perfectly shows you how to fit everything into your existing wardrobe and really makes it feel like you have a personal stylist.  Another great advantage, with the $20 styling fee applied as a credit, and an additional 25% discount if you buy all five pieces, the discounts more than paid for the most expensive item and more in my shipment.  I thought everything in the box was amazing especially the Aryn K ruffle blouse and the THML cardigan.  This could totally become addictive.

 Canna dress & Karine Sultan earrings

 THML cardigan

 Styling card

 Aryn K blouse

Miilla jacket


Down Low

I'm restyling the Alexander Wang dress I wore a few weeks ago.  I'm still compelled to wear it with pink for some reasons, but this week I tried it with heals for work.  I'm also recycling my pink coat which I realized I really missed wearing this winter.  I think it's going to get a major workout this spring.  Now if only I was so motivated personally to work out.

 Dress: Alexander Wang; Coat: Vertigo; Shoes: Sam Edelman; Earrings, Ring & Necklace: Unknown; Bracelets: Joan Rivers, Gifted & Unknown; Eyeshadow: Bare Escentuals Ecstasy & Crown



One thing I realized as I was packing for Las Vegas, I'm really bad at planning casual outfits.  Business casual I can do.  Out to dinner look, no problem, but what to wear to trek up and down the strip, I have no clue.  This has made me come up with the new challenge for myself: style more casual outfits.  This one is pretty basic, and I feel I have a long way to go. Now head over to Visible Monday to check out how everyone else is putting themselves together today.

 Shirt: Michael Kors; Jeans: Current Elliott; Bag: ShoeDazzle; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: Vintage; Ring, Earrings, Bracelet: Unknown; Eyeshadow: Bare Escentuals 1980s



I have come to the conclusion that no one in Los Angeles actually wears hats.  That could be a little bit of overstatement because I wear hats; therefore it can't be that no one wears hats.  However, when I went out in the rain yesterday to Nordstrom wearing this hat, I thought I had grown another head by the double takes I got from other shoppers.  I finally saw one other woman wearing a hat, and I was compelled to ask her if she felt the same way.  She let me know that she is originally from Portland, and she was used to wearing hats, but that I was right, people in Los Angeles find it strange for you to wear anything other than a baseball cap.  Somebody else must be buying the hats in the stores here, or else there's this strange churning with the same hats making the rounds from store to store to make it appear that inventory is moving.  I think I'm going to conduct an experiment and pick a hat to track.

 Hat: Anthropologie; Shirt: Mexx; Jacket: Forver21; Pants: H&M; Bag: Chanel; Shoes: Louis Vuitton; Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Ring: Unknown



Back from vacation, I've actually unpacked, but it's such a rainy weekend, I don't feel motivated to do much else.  I did hit up Nordstrom's today since it's Triple Point time!!!  I did some amazing shopping in Vegas too which I'll be sharing soon.  The first thing I did this morning (after drinking a huge mug of coffee while reading in bed) was to light a bunch of candles.  There's nothing better on a rainy day than coffee and candles.



We are packing up and heading out to Vegas where hub has a conference.  My big green Juicy bag will be put to good use.  See you when we get back. These JewelMint earrings are really bright!

Shirt: Anne Klein; Pants: Liz Claiborne; Shoes: Sole Society; Bag: Juicy Couture; Earrings: JewelMint; Bracelets & Ring: Unknown; Necklace: Joan Rivers; Eyeshadow: Bare Escentuals Nob Hill



We keep having warm days followed by cold days and chances of showers.  Everyone is catching colds and picking outfits is very confusing.  I'm trying to get into the spirit of the spring colors I see all around me, but I'm not quite there yet. This is my attempt at color on Visible Monday.  Oh the joy of seasons (or lack thereof) in southern California. 

Dress: Victoria's Secret; Coat: Vertigo Paris; Tights: Nordstrom; Boots: Givenchy; Necklace: Forever 21; Earrings & Ring: Unknown; Bracelet: Ann Taylor; Eyes: Bare Escentuals Exquisite eyeshadow and Black liner