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September Favorites

I've really been vocal about the multi-colored hair thing I mentioned in my previous post.  I may not have a long-term solution, but you might be surprised at the temporary solution I've found.


Well, I Never

I'm at the point where I truly believe I should not have gone with a lighter shade during the growing out process with my hair.  I think it's only enhanced the what would have been two-tone and is now actually three-tone phase I'm in.  That combined with the humidity has led to moments where I've thought about going for a pixie cut and getting it over with.  Then I come to my senses and wonder what I've been thinking.  But this has been an opportunity to find some really great products.  A silver lining.


Look at Me Being Boho

Blouse: Zara
Pants: Ann Taylor
Earrings: JewelMint

Since I've been trying new things with my hair to adapt to the growing out phase, I attempted beachy waves by using a salt spray and curling iron.  I've never liked my hair parted in the middle, but it just seemed to fall better that way, and in keeping with the look, I thought I'd try to go boho.  Only one problem, I don't have anything bohemian in my wardrobe, so I pulled on this scarf-print blouse, white pants, and some coral earrings and pretended that I was boho.  Well I am wearing white after Labor Day, right?  Very free-spirited, I know.

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Back to Beautiful Workshop

Kim Acedo, Jeanette Chasworth, and I will be hosting a free workshop on September 25 at Brookside Golf Club to kick off our new Back to Beautiful Program.  If you join us that evening, you will receive the first module of the program as well as information on the rest of the amazing two week program, which is kicking off on October 6.  Seating is limited to 50 for the workshop on Sept. 25 and only 10 for the program, so if you are interested, please click on the link to register or call as soon as possible.  We had a full house the last time we did this over the summer.  If you'd like further details, please leave a comment below or send me an email.  I'd love to see you there.


August Empties Video

I didn't spend a lot of time pulling myself together before making this video because I was more focused on getting to my work out, which I had let slide for a few days.  I'm still working on lighting, so I almost look two-toned here.  I used up a lot of stuff in August and even more in the last week or so since I've been running out of all the products I bought when I was working on my skin congestion issues.  Next month's empties should really be something.  I did receive the La Prairie Eye Complex for review, but I was not paid for this review (I mean, would you pay for this review?).  


Bare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser 
Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose in It
Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Body Splash
Suave Dry Shampoo 
Minxxette The Brush Hanger
La Prairie Eye Complex with Caviar Extract 
Cures by Avance Age Defyer Eye
Smashbox Bionic Mascara 
Tarte Multipleye Extend 3 
Cargo 3 Triple Action Mascara
Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil (Out of stock again already)


Backyard BBQ

Tee: StyleMint
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bag: H&M
Ring: JewelMint

I hope everyone is having a great weekend whether you are celebrating the holiday in the U.S. or not.  I  had plans not to leave the house all weekend, but I did go out to Starbucks this afternoon, and I will have to go to the grocery store tomorrow because of poor planning on my part.  We barbecued yesterday, and it is just sweltering hot and humid here.  I'm actually enjoying shopping my closet these days rediscovering some things I've had for quite a while but don't wear enough.  Today's jewelry is a perfect example of that with lots of pieces of silver I've picked up along the way.  This clutch has been my go-to this summer, and I'm afraid it's on its last leg.  The colored covering is starting to wear off in spots revealing the woven texture underneath that looks like raffia.  I'm planning on pulling it all off to see how it looks, but since I only paid around $10 I might be pushing it.  These flats have also been on almost constantly all summer, and the toes are a little the worse for wear.  Nothing I can do to overcome that issue, and I'm afraid replacing them might have to wait for awhile since I'm still on shopping moratorium.  Since I have plenty of other pairs to wear, I'm sure I'll manage.

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